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Welcome to Northland Associates, Inc. (NAI)! We are your number one factory certified E-Mon & D-Mon submeter specialists. NAI helps property owners or Managers, Project Coordinators, Engineers and many other professionals with all of their commercial power needs. We service our clients through E-Mon & D-Mon submeter & installation, monthly submeter reading, power demand load studies, forensic expert witness, and commercial power quality. Electric, Water, Gas…we have you covered! Submetering is the most accurate way to provide individual utility bills to your tenants.

Northland Associates, Inc. offers a complete inspection to determine if your commercial electrical system has been properly installed and is functioning accurately. Our Master Electrician, Robert Matson, ensures that every project NAI completes is in compliance with National Electric Code (NEC) standards. Don’t waste your time or money on unqualified repairs or installations. Having a factory certified specialist install or repair your E-Mon or D-Mon system will always save you money in the end and help prevent any hazardous occurrences. We guarantee our work!

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CA License C 10-475294 • TX License 29782 • TX Master Electrician 220762

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